Notable Features


With Nighthawk LEOVision all data is fused and can be visualized together in one analysis display.  You can view events in time order and on the map.  Zoom into specific times of interest and all the analysis displays will filter down to the time window specified helping you manage overwhelming data in an intuitive way. 


Observe probative conversations, overlaid and interlaced in time order in a single display. See how the gaps fill in via the actual conversation across media types. Watch as targets jump between medium, from calls, SMS, VoIP and Messaging apps in relation to other data sets like LPR, Shotspotter, Facebook data sessions, and more. 



Tower Dump Analysis, we've got that...but the Intersect Tool goes far beyond tower dumps.  In addition to tower-to-tower comparison, the Intersect Tool lets you analyze any individual feature of any data set (social media, CDRs, location data) against all data sets.  Find the most common associate between subjects, most common social media accounts, locations/addresses, and so much more!


In Nighthawk LEOVision data is organized around Subjects: People, Places, Things.  From the Subject List easily see what subjects are part of your case.  Each subject can have any number of data sets, pictures, notes, relationships, and details associated.  Some details such as email addresses and phone numbers act as identifiers in your analysis display making it easy to spot your subjects in the data.  Assign each subject a color to make them stand out during visualization.



Drag and Drop Data into the application on your Subject of interest and we will automatically pattern match and import the data.  If it's data we don't recognize use our Wizard to import as CSV or EXCEL.

We are continually adding new data types to the system.  Missing something? Just ask.


Visualize relationships between your subjects, add mugshots and images to create compelling Link Charts for your case.  Share, download, and update them as new information is uncovered during your investigation.  Easily download the chart as PDF or an image to include in presentations. 


Use our network diagram in the analysis display to quickly identify missing links between subjects. 


Download a PDF or image of the diagram to include in a warrant application for justification for another records request.


Use the Count-By tool in the Analysis display to easily create a hot call list for a suspect and export it to EXCEL


Use Anklet or other GPS Data to quickly perform pattern of life analysis; determine frequently visited or bed down locations.  Great for SWAT, Tracking Gang Activity, or Fugitive Retrieval support.


Nighthawk Feature List

Cloud Based
  • No IT install or maintenance needed, requires only a Chrome browser and internet connected computer

  • All new versions, upgrades, and features are available immediately to all users

  • Processing is offloaded to the cloud, reducing requirement for expensive workstations or laptops

User Interface
  • Intuitively drag-and-drop data into the application

  • Organize data at Case or Subject level

  • Case management in addition to visualization and analysis

  • Time and Location based visualization

  • Define relationships between subjects

  • Use relationship to create Link Charts

  • Add mugshots and pictures for your Subjects

  • Add images with EXIF Time and GPS locations and visualize them

  • Create Notes with Times and/or Locations that appear in visualization

  • Manually add locations with the map, address search, or GPS coordinate

Enterprise Features
  • Create Unlimited Cases

  • Create as many accounts as you have users in your organization with an Enterprise License

  • Local administrator account available for user management

  • Share and collaborate on your cases with your teammates

  • Share and collaborate with others in your organization or with external organizations

  • Collaborate between investigators, analysts, and district attorneys

  • Create white/black access lists to control who can see and/or edit each case

  • Share a case as view only

  • Re-assign case to another user or another team

Data Management
  • Constrain data at the case or data set level to limit what shows up in visualization

  • Move data sets between subjects

  • Easily turn off/on data sets or entire subjects that may be found to be irrelevant to the investigation without deleting them

  • Easily retrieve the source files used when the data was imported

  • View a creation report that details how the imported data was processed and any problems found

  • Visualize data sets, whole subjects, or the entire case in one view

  • Visualize links between people, devices, social media accounts and more with the Network Diagram

  • Quickly determine if one subject ever communicated with another

  • Export maps to PDF, image, or KMZ/KML (Google Earth)

  • Export pictures and diagrams to PDF or images for inclusion in warrant requests, case summary, affidavit, and to support prosecution

  • Create Hot Call Lists

  • See the data laid out in time by subject to easily spot coincident events

  • Isolate conversations in facebook messenger and search for terms of interest

  • Find frequently visited locations in general, by time of day, day of week, etc.

  • View conversations between multiple participants in an intuitive texting like format

  • Page through or zoom in and out in time and create bookmarks for important events in your case, visualization will adjust to your active time

  • Selectively hide data in visualization to remove clutter and make connections more obvious, then bring it back whenever you want.

  • Select data visually on the map, in the timeline, or from the list

  • Sort and bin your data by time, time of day, day of week, by phone number or any other field that appears in your data sets.

  • Choose how your tower fans are represented and change their transparency when data is stacked up

  • GPS data with direction is rendered as locations with arrows making tracking easy and intuitive

  • Quickly search through all data for key words, phone numbers, etc.

  • Resize the elements of your display to support a bigger map, network diagram, etc.

Data Types
  • Import any known data sets with drag-and-drop

  • Import any table (Excel/CSV) based data with the import wizard

  • Conversion of data to common time zone on import and visualize in your local time zone

  • Supporting Data formats from:

  • Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile​

  • GeoFencing data

  • Facebook (messages, status updates, wall posts, attachments)

  • Snapchat (snaps, snap messages, friends list, geo-location data, attachments)

  • Covert Track, GPS Trackers, LPR Data

  • Constantly adding new data types and updating formats as they change

Data Tagging/Identification
  • Identify phone numbers and associate them with a Subject, Person, Place, or Thing and have that display in the visualization

  • Create locations and notes right from the visualization map or timeline

  • Easily add details to your subjects such as key identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media IDs, and many other custom fields

  • CJIS Compliant Security

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Hosted in the FedRAMP Moderate enclave within Amazon GovCloud

  • Strong data access protections

  • Change monitoring and logging

  • Access logging and monitoring

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Password reset self-service

Technical Support
  • Hands on support on site or off site to work data issues

  • Users can share cases with CJIS vetted Nighthawk support personnel to troubleshoot problems or assist with data

  • Technical fixes and enhancements for one user are immediately provided to all users

  • Annual license includes limited technical support hours, additional hours can be included in quote

* Limits on individual upload file size may apply 

Contact us with questions or to request a demonstration.

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