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Nighthawk will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in the 51st CHIA Conference at the Palms Casino the week of 2/24/2020.

Nighthawk is excited to be a new addition to the CHIA Conference, the longest running homicide investigators conference in the nation. If you too are headed to the conference pop on over to our Exhibitor's Booth!

And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it has a digital footprint and then Nighthawk LEOVision sees ALL!

  • Boss Hawk


We've added NEW DATA SETS & NEW FEATURES because we never stop evolving!


Snapchat, just the latest social media platform to meet it's match! Like Facebook, simply drag and drop your zipped files, analyze and view in S.I.F.T. and find those probative leads...

HUM by Verizon Wireless, turning a targets vehicle into a GPS tracker. Infotainment systems are becoming increasingly popular. Now you can drag and drop this data set into NH LEOVision for quick analysis.


The Intersect Tool isn't just a Tower Dump Analyzer, no it allows you to compare any aspect of any data set, between data sets, against time and/or location. Find commonalities between data sets you wouldn't otherwise know about, the Devil's in the Data!

Save State, you asked, we delivered. Now you can navigate throughout your case and the program without losing the analysis you've already preformed. No more setting the data back up, simply jump back in where you left off!

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Radix Metasystems is proud to announce that the system is now fully operational and ready to rock!

The System Is On - Let's Get Cracking

The long awaited commercial rollout of Nighthawk is complete. Happy Birthday Nighthawk!


Contact us with questions or to request a demonstration.

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