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Nighthawk LEOVision is a force multiplier, but don't take our word for it, hear it from edge users just like you and your people in their own words...

Fugitive Apprehension Officer, Colorado

"Using Nighthawk LEOVision for analysis, I was able to get surveillance headed to the associate's address in under 10 minutes of receiving the phone records. It's a true game changer."

Detective, Colorado

"The ability to so quickly and easily unlock and work with the information contained in these large data files is nothing short of revolutionary for us. It amounts to a new way of doing business in our unit where we no longer have to 'fear' the data and instead can now get our hands on it and actually use it to build much better cases."

District Attorney Investigator, Colorado

"The ease of loading the data and then being able to visualize it fused together made a tremendous difference in helping to identify (and just as importantly rule out) several body search sites, saving an untold number of personnel hours and tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in associated expense that would have been spent without the use of Nighthawk." 

Detective, Colorado

"I loaded my data records into the software and pretty much immediately observed that there was a new area of interest depicted that I had never known about despite spending the prior weeks with the data.  Pretty incredible stuff.  And this from someone who isn't much of a computer guy.  If I can use it, I'm pretty sure anyone can"

Task Force Officer, Colorado

"There is virtually no chance we would have become aware of this information had it not been for Nighthawk". 

Detective, Colorado

"I likely would have never known about the existence of this intermediary had it not been for Nighthawk and the way it allowed me to see the data" 

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